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Upload files to amazon S3 bucket

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Hi, if you want to implement a file storage in your NestJS Backend and React.js frontend, you are at the right place.

The goal is to provide a way to store user's files such as profil's pictures, PDF documents... with a scalable architecture. We could have stored all those data to a custom server, but AWS S3 buckets are giving us the scalability.

In this module I will explain all the steps that you need in:

  • Frontend : React.js (Typescript)
  • Backend : NestJS (Typescript)
  • AWS S3 Bucket

You can use this module to learn what's the workflow to upload files to AWS S3, or just copy past the code to get it functionnal in your project. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

In this module you will find:

  • Source code
  • Documentation and Quickstart
  • Complete integration of the process in your React / NestJS
  • AWS S3 configurations
  • My contact if you have any question

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Last update 13/10/2021


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