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Selectors for React.js NestJS MySQL starter

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This module adds a selectors layer to your project between reducers and components. This new layer is dedicated to data formatting and presentation. It takes data from your Redux store and sends it back formatted to your components. The main advantage of this approach is to isolate the recurrent computations of your app in a specific module in your code and therefore to make your components, reducers and services the clearest possible.

For example, it can be very useful to manage product filtering and sorting system in your shop, but more generally to compute any derived data from your Redux store, simple mathematical operations like sums or averages as well as more complex data enrichments or reorderings. A good pratice is to do this in a separate part of your code instead of directly in your components pre-rendering functions for example.

Moreover, the reselect library, on which this module is based, implements memoization of selector results so as not to call them more as necessary. This is very convenient to optimize applications, especially if it involves manipulation of complex data.

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Émilien Déon




Last update 21/04/2021


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