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Spartan is a subscription managed by Stripe (100% secure) that can be easily stopped whenever you want.

What is a Spartan?Why is it not free?

Subscription with Stripe

14 hours of work saved


If you want to create your SaaS you will have to add a subscription. Subscription is a complexe problem that is perfecly answered by Stripe.

This module is here to complete the Stripe documentation and is providing you:

  • subscription creation
  • subscription cancelation
  • subscription re-activation before d-day cancelation

You can use this module to learn how to implement a payment system in your app, or just to copy past it in your project to get something working directly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You'll find in the module:

  • Source code
  • Documentation and Quickstart
  • Integration of the payment system in your backend
  • Stripe configurations

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Last update 20/10/2021


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