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What is a Spartan?Why is it not free?
Why is it not free ?
To support developers and FMP.
Concretely, where does the 19.70€ go ?
  • 11.03€ to developers behind starters and modules (to reward their great work).
  • 3.94€ to the French government tax.
  • 4.73€ to Fast Modular Project (to pay production infrastructures, charges, salaries…).
As you know, our goal is to :
  • teach you how to implement features with production examples
  • give you strong basis with high quality starters
  • save you as much time as possible in your projects
To provide this high quality service, we need: clean, efficient, qualitative and maintained codes. This means:
  • great developers in the community
  • a production infrastructure
  • developers to improve and monitor the platform
We are convinced that the best way to have a high quality community and services is to reward developers for their work. Main part of our incomes received through spartan subscriptions are forwarded to developers. FMP gives 70% of its income to devs according to what they bring to the community with their starters or modules, the popularity of them and the number of spartan subscriptions we have.

Fast Modular Project is a platform providing reusable codes that can easily fit with your projects.

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