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What is a Starter ?
Starter or boilerplate as you prefer
A starter is a project foundation with a clean architecture that allows you to start your project faster.
Starters are proposed by people who built several projects on the same stack. They give you the architecture, as the result of the experience they acquire thanks to all these projects.
You should use a starter if:
  • you love clean code and you do want the best architecture possible for your project
  • you want to start your project faster
  • you want to learn a new technologie with strong basis
  • you want to have pluggable modules on it, without any friction trying to integrate them.
What's in a starter?
Lisible source code
Once you download the starter, you’ll have the entire source code of the creator. It’s not a black box, you can easily understand and modify the code at your convenience.
Clean architecture
You’ll get a clean architecture on frontend and backend sides, and an OS isolated environment in Docker with a local database for non-serverless starters.
Complete documentation
You’ll get a complete quickstart, deployment guide, documentation and guidelines. The quickstart defines all the steps needed to integrate the module (no need to think) and a documentation (if you want to think).
Learn with example
An example is worth a thousand words, you should learn faster.
Unlimited features pluggable on the starter
The community will give you modules to plug functionalities on your starter.
You are not alone, we are a community
At any moment you can send an email to the module’s creator or join the slack to ask all your questions to the community and get some support for your issues.
Starters are tested regularly to ensure the best quality possible. A certificate badge is given for the best ones.
Be part of the community
If you built a starter that may be useful for the community, do not hesitate to propose it on the platform if it fits the requirements.
If you developed a specific feature on top of an existing starter for the needs of your project, do not hesitate to propose it as a module on top of it.
Each module contribution could be set as "free content" to support the open-source community, or "premium content" to generate some incomes with your work. It’s up to you.

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