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Hi, the content you want to access is reserved for spartans.


Access to all starters

Access to all modules

Slack where you can ask all your questions

Sponsor developers (70%) and FMP (30%)

Spartan is a subscription managed by Stripe (100% secure) that can be easily stopped whenever you want.

What is a Spartan?Why is it not free?
What is a Spartan ?
"A spartan is a citizen who chooses to join the legion to conquer the world and be part of an elite. He works for the common good of the community, supporting it as much as he can.""
By becoming a Spartan, you’ll support FMP and all developers helping you.
The Spartan subscription grants you an illimited access to all modules and starters for 19.70€ per month. Even if a module is costing 40€ for citizens, you’ll access it freely.
Where does the 19.70€ go ?
  • 11.03€ to developers behind starters and modules (to reward their great work).
  • 3.94€ to the French government tax.
  • 4.73€ to Fast Modular Project (to cover the infrastructures cost, charges, communication…).
Subscription payments are managed by Stripe and the subscription can be canceled at any time.
We are fully transparent if you want to know anything, just ask.

Fast Modular Project is a platform providing reusable codes that can easily fit with your projects.

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