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What is a module ?
A module is a code source with a complete documentation, that aims to add a functionality.
They are created by developers who took several hours searching for the best way to implement complexe functionalities on their projects. They give you in a nutshell everything they learn during these hours, to avoid you to do the same job.
Ideally it’s better to use modules with the appropriate starter. Nevertheless, you can use them as standalone features.
You should use a module if:
  • you want to learn how to implement a complex functionality with a fully detailed example
  • you want a quick integration with a no brain copy paste
What's in a module?
Lisible source code
Once the module is downloaded, you’ll have the entire source code of the creator (git clone). It’s not a librairie or an npm package in order to let you understand and modify the code easily.
A complete documentation and a quickstart
The creator writes a quickstart defining all the steps needed to integrate the module (no need to think) and a documentation (if you want to think).
Easy integration on a starter
The creator creates the module according to the starter. What does it mean? A source code and a documentation that perfectly suits the starter. No need to adapt everything from tutorials placed on the third page in Google.
Reliable code
Modules need to be accepted by the creator of the starter to be displayed on the platform. Once published, the community can do feedbacks in order to improve the module.
Learn with examples
An example is worth a thousand words, you should learn faster.
You are not alone, we are a community
At any moment you can send an email to the module’s creator or join the slack to ask all your questions to the community and get some support for your issues.

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