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Contribute with your Starter
You built a lot of projects and you acquired a strong expertise on the languages used in your starter, in addition to architectural skills.
You are the one we are looking for if:
  • You are a company. You are hiring and you want to bring to light technical skills of your teams. You are convinced that your company is very interesting for developers: no speeches, show your code. You used open-source code for your missions, give back to the community with your starter.
  • You are a developer. You want to share the work you have done to everyone, open-source is your way of life. You wish to build a community around your architecture so hundreds of developers can improve it and thousand can use it.
Why ?
  • Through every client missions or projects, your technical skills get bigger and bigger, but nobody takes advantage of the architecture you made. Think about all great codes on your GitHub that nobody knows.
  • Cast a spotlight on your tech skills. That's why FMP is here.
  • You’ll support the open-source and have a community to maintain and improve the starter step by step. Your starter is a public GitHub repository.
How ?
1) Create your Starter
Take your best architecture, adapt it for a global utilisation, write a documentation.
2) Create your GitHub repository
You have to create a public GitHub repository with your starter.
3) Publish it on the platform with FMP Studio
  • Access to the studio
  • Once the repository for your starter is ready, you can send it to validation using FMP Studio: Starter > New Starter.
  • The starter will be published on the platform when tested and accepted by FMP. You’ll get notified of the status of your starter by mail or in the Studio: "awaiting validation", "rejected", "published".
4) Get feedbacks and improve
You'll get on FMP Studio:
  • number of clicks on "Hiring" button (if you're a company)
  • number of view on you company page (if you're a company)
  • number of views on your starter
  • number of downloads
  • ratio between views and downloads
  • ratings and comments from users
We will be reactive, but we aren't a big company yet. If you need further statistics, functionalities, transparency or something else to bring success to your starter, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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