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What is a Spartan?Why is it not free?

We provide you companies' technical stack

We reference open source code created by companies and used for their client projects.
With one goal, help you build better projects faster!
Learn from big companies
Companies have a lot of high quality resources that nobody knows about.
They use these ressources in private in order to increase productivity and to implement good practices. FMP is here to put a light on these ressources and let you build better projects with.


Choose your starter
A starter is a project foundation with a clean architecture that allows you to start your project faster.
  • Lisible source code
  • Clean architecture
  • Complete documentation
  • Learn with example
  • Unlimited features pluggable on the starter
  • A community
Add features with modules
A module is adding a specific feature on top of a starter. It is made of a code source and a complete documentation which match perfectly with the starter.
  • Lisible source code
  • A quickstart and a full documentation
  • A concrete example to learn faster
  • Easy integration on a starter
  • Reliable code
Contribute to the community
As a developer you can contribute by posting your own starters or modules on the plateform.
Bring to light your technical skills.

Fast Modular Project is a platform providing reusable codes that can easily fit with your projects.

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